18 May, 2010

Suck it, Titchmarsh!

That is a little harsh. I have nothing against Alan Titchmarsh. It just worked better than "Suck it, Don!" (Monty) or "Suck it, Diarmuid", (Who the hell is he anyway? Gavin Diarmuid?)
Besides, "Suck it, Titchmarch" rolls off the tongue and brings to mind the glory days of SNL when Celebrity Jeopardy was on and SNL was funny. Or when I had a television.

Anyway. I have so much extra time on my hands, and I am waiting to hear back on breaking Tilly out of jail so he can help me train my Navy and Marine Corps, so I have taken up gardening. My Grandmother is an awesome gardner who can grow anything by cursing at it. She leads the garden club in her home town along with being the school librarian. Did I mention that she is over 90? Toughest little woman there is.
One of us could stand to loose a few pounds in this shot. And no making fun of my sideburns. It was a phase. They are much shorter now.

So I am working on a container garden. I have a few plants going and I might keep you in the loop as to how they do. Unless they all die. That will be a very private moment with many tears and a bottle of whiskey to soothe my nerves. Wait. That is just Thursday night. Never mind.

First up.  An orange tree. I have killed my fair share of citrus trees. The fact that this one still has leaves and actually has flowers on it is a good sign. But don't say anything, the little bugger will curl up and die if you talk to it. And here I thought I was moody.

Gerbera Daisies. You know the ones. They look like little sunflowers. So far, they are going strong. -- Keep it up little guys. -- I have no idea what colors they are going to be. Pink? Yellow? Red? We shall see.

Hot chili peppers. I got the seeds from a matchbook at Wahaca near the Strand. Pretty good Mexican food if you are in the area and need a fix. They hand out little matchbooks that are not filled with matches, but are filled with Chili Seeds. A novel concept, and they have actually sprouted and grown quite well. They were the first ones in the ground back in February. Fingers crossed something comes of it.

A bit of Rocket. (That is Arugula for the Americans)  Got to have some greens in my life, right? If it worked for Esther over at the Recipe Rifle when she was ducking carbs and only eating greens and protein. We know, she is a little crazy, but it was before her wedding. I think she is past it now. (She is a hyperlinking maniac) 

Okay, so I don't have 100% success rate. This pot of dirt is red bell peppers. They have yet to sprout or doing anything other than force me to make mud from dirt every few days. I have grand dreams of making stuffed peppers, roasted pepper humous, uh, what else can you make with red peppers? Whatever it is, the little suckers better sprout soon, or I am going to toss them and double my Rocket collection. 

So that is my garden. There are a couple other house plants kicking around here too but these are the main team members of the garden. I might have to release them into the wild when I start training the troops, until then, I will keep poking my fingers in the dirt to see if it is damp enough then furiously washing my hands because I am actually a prissy girl who doesn't like to get dirty. But you didn't hear that from me. 

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