20 March, 2012

Rock star bingo part 2

As you may remember, I have been playing Rock Star Bingo. So far on my card I have ticked, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Woods and Jimmie Page. I am not sure if I have to start a new card to include bass players, but my latest chip now covers Canadian bass player and lead singer of Rush, Geddy Lee.

Walking over to drop my dry cleaning the other morning, I saw him exiting a shop with his wife. You may be thinking, "How do you know it was Geddy Lee? He is a Canadian and why would he be in London. Also, what the heck does he even look like?"
That is exactly why I know it was him. There is only a handful of people on the planet that look like this when they go out of the house. If your normal look consists of dark glasses and funny soul patch thing, There isn't much you can do other than cut your hair and wear contacts to go incognito. As he had not done that, I am certain that I have a new square on my board covered.  And I imagine he came to London for the lovely traffic and weather because he grew tired of the sunshine and open spaces of Canada.

Potentially, I could add Felix Bechtolsheimer to the list, but I am certain no one know who he is. Unless of course you are a fan of Hey Negrita. Felix is the singer and plays rhythm guitar for the country blues combo. I saw him on Kings Road as well.
That place is like a magnet for rocky folks.

PS. Can Hey Negrita put out a new album? I know you would sell at least 2 copies. Maybe you guys could just come over and jam. I can play most open chords. Aside from F. I hate F.