07 November, 2011

Stumbled on this great floor

How amazing is this?

In case you can't see what is so amazing about it, it is a timber flooring that doesn't have straight lines. The edges of the floor boards are left in a natural state to give a more natural effect to your design. Because --as they say on the site-- Life is not a straight line.

I warned that things would get a little more design related here at Tea and Whiskey, well this is one of those times.
The company that puts out this amazing flooring is called Bolefloor. I could rattle on about all the technical reasons they have started this, but I am sure it is just as simple to add a link at the end so you can go check it out yourself.

Before you get too excited and click on the link, lets look at one more picture of this stuff.

Okay, off you go, click the link and go check out this awesome flooring.
If you need anyone to give advice on how you can work this into your home, give us a shout, we are happy to chat.

The link

27 July, 2011

Rock Star Bingo

I have just invented a new game. It shall be called, Risk. What? Risk is taken? Crap.  Maybe I will call it, "Keep a little card of rock stars and when you see one, put a small tick next to their face." Too long?

How about, Rock Star Bingo?

Please allow me to give you the back story that spawned this game.
The other day -I say the other day, but it was probably last year- I was walking down the Kings Road when I saw a gray-haired man with a weak chin reading the newspaper at a table in a noodle bar. He looked a lot like Eric Clapton.
He looked like Eric Clapton because he was Eric Clapton. Reading a paper and waiting for some noodle-based lunch. 

When that happened, I thought to myself, I really like living here because I see things like this from time to time.

Then, a few weeks later, I was passing a book shop near World's End (Okay, it was the World's End Bookshop) and there was another gray-haired man looking in the window.  This one had a small pony tail and was wearing a green army coat. He spun around as the person in front of me tapped him on the shoulder, so I got a good look right in his face as I was trying to get past them on the street. This guy looked a lot like Jimmy Page.
That is because it was Jimmy Page. Tada! I sent a note to my friend Harvey and he mildly trumped me by stopping to offer water to a tired looking Christopher Lee (Dracula, Willy Wonka's Dad, Bond Villain, That guy from Lord of the Rings,  etc) on a hot day. But this isn't about Movie Icons, this is about Rock Star Bingo!

What more could I possible want? Two Guitar Heroes in the same stretch of road? Amazing. I thought that was the end of it until last night.

I was running home from my Pilates class (Pause here so you can all get a good laugh in) when I saw a lovely young lady walking toward me followed by a shortish wrinkly man with wild hair and a pretty big nose, he was walking a half-step behind her and I looked them both full in the face as I went by. I don't run that fast so I had a good couple seconds to stare. This time, I was on Fulham road near the Michelin Building. Not on Kings, so I was off my guard. Yet there they were, Ronnie Wood and His girlfriend wandering down the road.

There it is, my trifecta of Rock stars, to date. I was looking at my Rock star Bingo Card and trying to see where I need to go to get my last two spaces. I am missing Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend in the "G" line still. I doubt I am going to run into Sir Paul in my hood, and I think Pete might be a tough one to bump into... This might be the end of my "G" line.
Oh well, I still got to see three of my guitar heroes just living a normal life. I like that. I would hate them to be mobbed by loonies. They deserve a normal life. Let the loonies mob Katie Price. I can't stand that fake, plastic woman... And yes, I have met her.
I am kind of glad that the other two names on my card might be impossible to get. If I fill my Bingo Card, I might have to go back to America to try and get another one... That would be sad.

22 June, 2011

A year!

Last time I posted was in 2010?
That has to be a joke. Maybe not. I do feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle. I just handed in my last project on a VERY INTENSE interior design course at KLC School of Design. That would be in London at the Chelsea Harbour.
Three years worth of schooling packed in to a year. A prison year really as it was only 9 months.

All that being said, you should all now be warned that I am probably going to lean this blog a little to the interiors side and maybe not so much ranting about whales and turning grandmas into oil.
Oh, who am I trying to kid, I am still going to rant.
Thank you, Charles Saatchi. Tell your wife hello.
In fact, lets talk about my least favorite thing at the moment.


You can tell it is summer in the rest of the world when London fills up with tourists. It doesn't get warm here, so that is our only indicator.
I am fine that tourists want to come visit my (adopted) city, if enough of you do, maybe you can plug the hole in our economy, but I have one request. A simple thing really. Not too much to ask when you think about it.
Can you PLEASE. Pretty-please, with sugar on top, WALK IN A STRAIGHT FUCKING LINE!!

I don't know if it is all the bags you are packing, or the electronica around your neck that throws your internal compass out of kilter, but you wobble down the street like a drunken sailor still getting his land legs back. And, because you have two rucksacks, four shopping bags, an umbrella, two cameras and a bin bag pulled over your head, it is impossible to navigate around you without stepping into traffic. 

So a shorty today. Just a small update. I am headed to a riveting lecture about something Amazing and Fabulous today. (see how well practiced I am with the design words?)

Oh, I am working on a portfolio website as well, I will link things up here shortly and post some pics from the final project. I think it came out well. I will be available for consultation soon. Feel free to contact me.

Update: And another thing! -this is sounding like a drunken rant now- You starbucks nut-jobs... "I want a Americano with an extra shot, pouring cream on the side, fill the water only up to here, then I need one splenda and half of a sugar. Thanks"
Order a filter coffer and put whole milk in it. Twat. Oh, she was American as well. Sad day to be on the team...