12 July, 2013

What sort of lazy bugger...

...is running this show?
The last post was in January? Sheesh. Congress works more often than that!
Okay. that is an outright lie. Congress spends more time in airports than they do passing laws and running the country. 

This whole triple branch Govt. thing keeps anything from getting done.

I heard a little blip on NPR --yes, even jerks like me listen to NPR-- this morning about supporting the rebels in Syria. Since fighting there began, the hawks in congress have been pushing and complaining that Obama hasn't been doing enough to support the rebels. He should set up a no-fly zone. He should supply arms. He should send in troops. He should nuke Iran... Okay, maybe I made that last one up.

Obama gave a little speech a few weeks ago that by using chemical weapons, the Syrians had crossed a line and the US was going to have to step in like a recess monitor on the playground. The US would start shipping small arms and other supplies to the rebels in an effort to stop the fighting. To me, this is like giving knives to salmon so eagles don't catch them.

However, the promised arms have never been sent. Care to guess why? Congress won't approve the distribution of arms. Let me say it again. Congress won't approve it. The people that were clamoring for intervention have been given exactly what they asked for only to start backpedaling dragging their feet.

I am starting to think that the object of Congress is to keep anything from happening in the Government. If the President likes something, they poo-poo it. If the Senate likes something, they poo-poo it. You know what Congress is? Congress is made up of Internet Trolls. Their sole purpose in life is to nay-say and trash talk.
Makes you proud to be an American.