15 December, 2010

Back from a Dino De Laurentiis film.

Did you know he passed away? Do you even know who he is?
Here he is with his lovely granddaughter Giada. He was 91 and had made 500 films in his career. please allow me to name a few of my favorites. In no real order.
Army of Darkness
Conan the Barbarian
Flash Gordon
Seeing a trend here? Yes. They are all amazing films. Especially that last one.
"Flying blind on a rocket cycle?" Ah, Brian Blessed. Such a personality.

Anyway. God save you Dino De Laurentiis. You gave us many a great thing including your granddaughter. Wow. What a package she is... lovely, can cook like crazy, and probably watched over by a legion of Hawkmen.
But like I was saying, I just returned from a holiday where the sky looked just like a Laurentiis sky.
I was in the Maldives and it being December, they were having splotchy weather. It may have been splotchy, but it was 100 times better than London's freeze and riot combo that was going on here.
I think Dara O'Briain is right. The English are a much more angry and fight prone people than the Irish. They riot and rumble at the drop of a hat. "You want to do what?! Pay teachers a decent wage?! and cover the fees of running an institution of higher education? And you want STUDENTS to pay for it?! Take to the streets! We are setting some fires!"
You dumb shites. Pay for your school like everyone else does. And if you can't afford to go to school, go into a trade and learn how to build something for Christ's sake. This country doesn't make anything anymore. Neither does America it is beneath them.

Anyway. Off on a tangent. I was in the Maldives, and the sky looked like this. I thought it was very cool and I was waiting for an army of Hawkmen to come out of the clouds with Brian Blessed screaming out " Second Wave, Dive! " While lasers shoot all around and Brian May plays some futuristic licks on the guitar.

Sadly, that was not what happened, but it was still an enjoyable holiday even without Ming or any of the residents of Mongo.
Happy Christmas all.

01 December, 2010

I'm not dead

I feel a bit like it, but I am not.

I have been working on a project (project number 2 actually) for the Interior Design course I am on.

Project two was a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen for a house here in London. I present the stuff I cobbled together tomorrow (that would be thursday to those not sitting here in the room with me) at 15:40 if anyone wants to come see the show. I doubt it will be that exciting, so feel free to stay home tucked in your beds.

In other news, London is in the grips of an Arctic blast. Those of you that think Climate change is a joke should come to my flat and sit by the door for an hour. Given that London has a mild climate all year round, no one saw fit to put any sort weather stripping or insulation in the old Victorian Brick homes. The 50 mph, arctic winds are whipping through my flat like it was made of tissue paper. I think I am going to go out today and buy a roll of weather stripping of the door into the lift. I have a draught excluder excluding the draughts from under the door, but they are still coming in around the edges.

So just to recap, I am alive. I am cold and I am working hard on my schooling. With any luck, I will be back to posting once I get caught up with all my school work. Or, I will have a real job and not be able to post because I am busy making money.

I heard somewhere that it was all about the Benjamins. What making a living and being happy has to do with the captain of the Mary Celeste, I will never figure out. But, if that is what the kids are saying, then it must be true. It has to be true, right? I read it on the interwebs.