14 April, 2010

Ow Ow Ow.

Did I mention that I started running? Not as though someone is chasing me, although I suppose it will come in handy when the situations comes up. Running to get in (better) shape. I am not exactly sure why I chose running. I could have done swimming or rowing or dwarf tossing, but I went with running. I think you need special equipment for dwarf tossing. Namely, a dwarf that is happy to get tossed. Man, that sounds dirty-- I have been doing it for a little while now but with all the free time I have now that I am not working full-time, I have been going (almost) every night. That should mean I get better at it, right? That is what I thought.

My last few runs have gone like this:
  • • 9.4 Kilometers in an hour. Happy. Excited. Tired.
  • • 4 Kilometers in 35 minutes. Dejected. Exhausted. Frustrated.
  • • 6 Kilometers in 40 minutes. Frustrated. In pain.
  • • 9.6 Kilometers in an hour. Elated. Sweaty.
  • • 6 Kilometers in 35 minutes. Serious pain. Very frustrated.
The last run was last night and after zipping through my first 3 K in 15 minutes something went wonky in my leg and I had to limp the last few Kilometers until I just stopped. I am no expert on anatomy, I only know it from the artist’s perspective and knowing how to draw a leg from the knee to the ankle doesn’t really tell you what is going on in there. The part that is hurting me is in the middle bit where there are no joints, no muscle connections (that I know of), just skin and bones. So, what the hell, Mr. Leg? Why are you acting up?

I think I am going to give him the night off and see if a rest sorts him out.

I realize that I am being overly dramatic. Having a wee bit of pain in your leg when you run is nothing like those hardcore footballers that get hurt on the pitch. Although, maybe it is. Perhaps the feeling that Francesco Totti feels when he bumps into Thierry Henry, collapses on the grass and screams like a teen-aged girl at a Twilight premier, is the exact same feeling I had last night. I did walk to the side lines (of the gym), stretched a bit, then walked home. Just like a proper footballer. Minus the screaming and rolling about on the grass trying to convince the ref that I was wronged by the treadmill. Is that why they have running coaches? Do they teach you how to flop on the ground and get a yellow card for the treadmill? I need to get one of those, then.

With any luck, my leg will sort itself out and I can continue my running endeavors. I have boosted my average speed in the last week and with luck, I can get back out there to lend my support to my friend Sarah who is running a half marathon. She is well ahead of me in her training.

As an aside,  Gimp Flipper is a great band name. 


  1. SHIN SPLINTS?!?!?! http://www.medicinenet.com/shin_splints/article.htm

  2. I was thinking Fibromyalgia, but yours is probably more correct. Sounds like a couple weeks of not running my guts out should sort it out. I might have to switch to aquacise with the rest of the pensioners.

  3. Whatever's wrong with me, I usually assume it is ebola.

  4. I would go to a physio. When I had leg pain from running it ended up being a calf tear (which a year later is still torn). It took me a week to go to the physio and now it's permanent. Err on the side of paranoia. 75% of runners get injured every year and you're more likely to get injured if you wear expensive sneakers. You're probably striking with your heel...

    Check out this site about running and it's training tip and make sure you don't correct your style straight away or you will get injured because your sneakers have made the muscles in your feet too weak.


    Sorry if I'm rambling I just wish someone had given me this advice before I permanently messed myself up.

  5. Weak feet? Another thing I have been handed by the Man... I have looked into barefoot running before, still working on it. I like the idea.
    I have been resting a lot (read, just getting fat) and my pilates instructor has me working on my standing and running posture to help with the shins. I am down to one that bothers me. The left one has cleared up.
    Thanks for the tips. Once I get to the running stage again, I am going to change my pitch up.