10 February, 2010

Snow days in the Fez.

Hey everyone. As a special treat to my very first follower (I know, I have two now!) I made a little something to help him get to work. If you read the news, you know that DC has been hit by a little bit of snow in the last couple of days. And by "a little" I mean feet of the stuff. Snowplows are getting stuck on side streets, people are raiding supermarkets, it is like the end times there. Keeping in mind Tavis' crazy dedication to developing websites and playing spider solitaire while eating a vegetarian Lean Cuisine.

He is one dedicated soldier. And very Eco minded. Hence the reason he drives a monster-trucked Smart Car. That way he gets the best mileage as well as being able to drive over the top of the Hummers that are stuck in the snow.

There is only one drawback to it being a smart car. There is only enough room for him, his laptop and the cats. Not that he needs anything more than that. Maybe his coffee cup and a dozen donuts from Dunkin' that he wants to share.

This is my big treat to him. Although he is going to be angry that I outed him as a cat owner 9 times over. Shhh ... Maybe he won't notice.

Maybe I can bribe him with beers when I am back in his hood. Otherwise I am looking at an ass woopin, worthy of The Wire. He does live in Baltimore after all...

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