01 December, 2013

New Idea For Detroit

I know I advocated selling it to Canada (and I still think that is a viable choice) but if America is that reluctant to reduce our surface area, perhaps this would work better.

The Mayor of Detroit needs to bum a ride to Hollywood and sit down with the heads of all the film studios. He should offer up the city as a full movie set. I know a lot of films have been set in the city. Beverly Hills Cop was set in Detroit, Grosse Point Blank... Sparkle. I am sure there were others. But why are more films set in Canada than Detroit when Detroit has WAY more to offer. What does it have to offer you may ask? In Detroit the film studios would be allowed to blow up buildings for real!

The Mayor already put forth a plan to bulldoze abandoned buildings and hopefully concentrate the population into denser areas. What makes more sense, to pay for the buildings to be knocked down or to let someone pay YOU to knock them down? I am going to go with option B.

According to demolitionconnection.com the cost of taking down a 10,000 square foot warehouse is between $4.00 and $8.00 per square foot. So clearing out a crack den warehouse could cost you $80,000.00 or you could charge Michael Bay half a million to do this to it.
As long as part of the contract included having a grip or a Best Boy come behind everyone with a broom, the whole city could be turned into a mildly-polluted-with-thermite national park within a year. Sprinkle some Scott's turf builder around and Detroit can go from this.
Before Michael Bay

After Michael Bay and some turf builder.
Tell me you wouldn't rather see Detroit as a happy, grass-covered city with trees where once stood crack dens.

Just a thought, Mr. Mayor. You can call me to ask for more details. I am sure together we can get your city back on track. 

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