02 October, 2013

You're Fired

Sorry, Congress. In my opinion, you have failed to preform at your chosen field of employment now for the last 3 years. When it comes time for your "contract" to be renewed, we the people of the United States are going to opt out.
Please don't attempt to point fingers and lay blame. It is way too late for that. Your job, as we see it, is to work with your colleagues to facilitate the running of our country. That is what we hired you for and that is what we expect you to do when we buy your plane ticket to Washington and put you in a pretty little office with a staff and an expense account.
We do not expect you to throw your toys out of the pram every time a law comes your way you don't like. We do not expect you to go on a 21 hour rant about nothing just so you can get on TV for your 15 minutes of fame.

In closing, you were sent to D.C. to do a job.  You have all refused to do your job and for that reason, we have to fire you. 

I encourage anyone between the ages of 18 and 1000 to write a letter to their congressional representative and remind them of what their job is. Then, walk to the polls next month at the mid-term elections and vote for anyone who isn't currently in office. Clear the books and let's start anew. 

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