27 July, 2011

Rock Star Bingo

I have just invented a new game. It shall be called, Risk. What? Risk is taken? Crap.  Maybe I will call it, "Keep a little card of rock stars and when you see one, put a small tick next to their face." Too long?

How about, Rock Star Bingo?

Please allow me to give you the back story that spawned this game.
The other day -I say the other day, but it was probably last year- I was walking down the Kings Road when I saw a gray-haired man with a weak chin reading the newspaper at a table in a noodle bar. He looked a lot like Eric Clapton.
He looked like Eric Clapton because he was Eric Clapton. Reading a paper and waiting for some noodle-based lunch. 

When that happened, I thought to myself, I really like living here because I see things like this from time to time.

Then, a few weeks later, I was passing a book shop near World's End (Okay, it was the World's End Bookshop) and there was another gray-haired man looking in the window.  This one had a small pony tail and was wearing a green army coat. He spun around as the person in front of me tapped him on the shoulder, so I got a good look right in his face as I was trying to get past them on the street. This guy looked a lot like Jimmy Page.
That is because it was Jimmy Page. Tada! I sent a note to my friend Harvey and he mildly trumped me by stopping to offer water to a tired looking Christopher Lee (Dracula, Willy Wonka's Dad, Bond Villain, That guy from Lord of the Rings,  etc) on a hot day. But this isn't about Movie Icons, this is about Rock Star Bingo!

What more could I possible want? Two Guitar Heroes in the same stretch of road? Amazing. I thought that was the end of it until last night.

I was running home from my Pilates class (Pause here so you can all get a good laugh in) when I saw a lovely young lady walking toward me followed by a shortish wrinkly man with wild hair and a pretty big nose, he was walking a half-step behind her and I looked them both full in the face as I went by. I don't run that fast so I had a good couple seconds to stare. This time, I was on Fulham road near the Michelin Building. Not on Kings, so I was off my guard. Yet there they were, Ronnie Wood and His girlfriend wandering down the road.

There it is, my trifecta of Rock stars, to date. I was looking at my Rock star Bingo Card and trying to see where I need to go to get my last two spaces. I am missing Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend in the "G" line still. I doubt I am going to run into Sir Paul in my hood, and I think Pete might be a tough one to bump into... This might be the end of my "G" line.
Oh well, I still got to see three of my guitar heroes just living a normal life. I like that. I would hate them to be mobbed by loonies. They deserve a normal life. Let the loonies mob Katie Price. I can't stand that fake, plastic woman... And yes, I have met her.
I am kind of glad that the other two names on my card might be impossible to get. If I fill my Bingo Card, I might have to go back to America to try and get another one... That would be sad.

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