29 March, 2010

A begining of sorts.

I did it.

I am not talking about inventing the greatest tool in singing technology since yodeling*, that has been done. I am talking about quitting my job. I did just that. On Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010. I sent an email to my boss and my boss's boss outlining my intent. Starting on April 1st, I will be joining the other 7.8% of the population that is out of work. I am not sure yet what I am going to do for a job. I am pretty certain I need to find something to do with my time. I am not good enough to go busking yet -- although if they just let me play About a Girl, Blister in the Sun and Baba O'Riley, I could do it -- so I am certain I need to find a new job. Maybe the Times needs a restaurant critic for two weeks. I happen to know theirs is getting married this month. 

I am taking suggestions. If anyone feels like they know what is best for me. I am willing to hear them out. Until then, I am going to be practicing my guitar skills. Maybe add in a little AC/DC to the Mix. No one can resist the power of Back in Black.

* Inward Singing is the greatest tool in singing technology since yodeling. It was invented by Jack Black of Tenacious D. Warning before you click the link. He curses a little. Shhh....


  1. NEXT MONTH!!! He's getting married next month... Can't believe you can play Blister in the Sun, my fave song ever. Truly the forbear of my secret audio crush: college rock. Whence Wheatus?!?!

    Anyway, listen, congratulations. I can't say it's been plain sailing since I quit my job about 18 months ago but I'm so pleased I did. Amazing stuff will happen to you that would never have happened if you were still doing the thing that you did.

    Employment ideas: start a blog. Get 10,000 hits a week. Advertise. GO.

  2. Woops. NEXT month, then.
    Thank you for the encouragement. If you need a sous chef, let me know. I am pretty handy with a knife in the kitchen. I don't even mind chopping chilies (until Later when I take my contacts out and go blind)